We use a state of the art diffuser base pioneered using innovative technology from soya based renewable resources. 

Features include; fragrance enhancement, HSE profile improvement, eco-friendly product, solubility power, low carbon footprint, and is non toxic.


Where to put your diffuser

Place your diffuser in a high traffic area where fragrance will disperse throughout the room with air circulation. Another great spot is just inside the room near the door so you pick up the scent as you enter the room. In many cases, think of your diffuser as a bouquet of flowers – you’ll smell the fragrance as you walk by, but won’t necessarily fill the room with fragrance.

Flip the reeds

Flip the reeds for more fragrance. You can flip a few reeds every few days or all the reeds every day. Keep in mind the more reeds you flip and the more often you flip them, the faster the fragrance oil will evaporate.

Flip with caution

Use caution when flipping the reeds. Flip the reeds over a waste basket or sink and be sure to clean the vessel of any fragrance oil drips before placing on a counter top.

use a coaster or plate

Use a coaster or a plate under your diffuser to keep any oil drips from damaging a precious counter top.

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